Income Tax Department Launches Mobile App AIS to Simplify Tax-Filing Process for Taxpayers in India

The Income Tax Department in India recently launched a mobile application named AIS (Ask ITBA App) for taxpayers to facilitate the tax-filing process. The AIS app provides various services and features to the taxpayers, including real-time tax credit status checking, filing grievances, and seeking assistance from tax officers. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the respective app stores. The AIS app aims to make the tax-filing process more accessible and convenient for taxpayers by enabling them to access their tax-related information from the comfort of their homes.

One of the primary benefits of the AIS app is that it allows taxpayers to check their tax credit status in real-time. By verifying the accuracy of their tax returns, taxpayers can ensure that they are not overpaying or underpaying taxes. Additionally, the AIS app enables taxpayers to file grievances and raise issues related to their tax filings or refunds. The app also offers several other features such as e-verification of tax returns, tracking of refund status, and accessing tax-related documents such as Form 26AS.

The launch of the AIS app is a significant step towards digitizing the tax-filing process in India. The app will help taxpayers avoid long queues at tax offices and reduce the need for physical visits. It will also aid the Income Tax Department in improving tax compliance and reducing the incidence of tax evasion.

In conclusion, the AIS app is an excellent initiative by the Income Tax Department to make the tax-filing process more accessible and convenient for taxpayers. By utilizing the app’s key features, taxpayers in India will undoubtedly experience a more streamlined and efficient tax-filing process.

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